Can Manchester United Win the Premier League 2022/23?

Can Manchester United Win the Premier League 2022/23?

This question would be almost unthinkable during the World Cup. After so much controversy around Cristiano Ronaldo, and after the star was fired from the club during the FIFA 2022 World Cup, the situation is much different as of March 4th.

Trying to win the 2022/23 English Premier League may be a long shot, but the truth is Man Utd is the only team with odds that people would dare to bet in normal conditions before the 26th round.

A lot has improved since the departure of Ronaldo. Erik ten Hag is no longer seen as the dictator coach that dared to attempt to feel more important than Ronaldo, like a part of the press and fans were suggesting during the peak of the crisis between them.

Considering Ronaldo’s outburst in the World Cup, the crisis with the Portuguese coach Fernando Santos and the amazing improvement under ten Hag after the World Cup, it’s fair to saw that the departure of Ronaldo fixed a lot of things in the Red side of Manchester, although that seemed incredibly unlikely when it happened. Football is amazing precisely because sometimes even the most skilled tipsters can’t predict unexpected things.

Manchester United has won their first title in a while against Newcastle recently, in a League Cup Final that will be remembered as the turning point of the ten Hag crisis.

But what about the Premiership?

EPL Outrights Betting Market: March 4th situation

The teams with the lowest odds right now are Manchester City and Arsenal, with average market odds of 2.28 and 1.93 to win the English Premier League title of 2022/23.

Manchester United has average odds of 15 to 1 right now. But to profit in this market you don’t necessarily have to bet just on the big odds of Man Utd and hope that they win.

You can buy their odds in hopes that their performances make them get closer to the top 2 teams in the classification table.

If Man City and Arsenal drop a few points, and Man United manages to get closer in the table, the odds of The Red Devils will drop and the odds for the potential triumph of The Gunners and The Citizens will increase, which may allow you to buy them and guarantee a profit, making it a sports betting hedge operation.

You may also throw a buck on teams that are paying gigantic odds such as Newcastle, Liverpool and The Spurs, as you can easily bet on them with odds bigger than 100 to 1 as of now.

As explained above, the key to this market is to bet on the odds of teams that you think will overperform in the eyes of the market, then opportunities to cash out early or hedge can potentially present themselves, and you could win even if they don’t win the trophy of the tournament.

The betting markets of football are fascinating in ways that many footie fans don’t even imagine!