Ole Gunnar Solskjaer demands fast start from his players

A football season can be compared to a marathon rather than a sprint race, especially with a number of different factors that continue to be at play.

For instance, the season is a long one and it is incredibly important to keep up with the pace throughout the race, rather than looking to go too quickly and then burnout towards the end, as it is only likely that a competitor will only be overtaken in the later stages, thus failing to win.

It could also be argued that whilst the race can not be won until the very end, it can be lost at the start if a negative beginning takes place. That is something that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is keen to avoid this season with Manchester United.

The manager has warned his players of the dangers of having a slow start this year and has told them not to have a repeat of what happened last season if they are to challenge for the Premier League title this season.

Although the Red Devils managed to finish second, they were well off the pace that Manchester City had set and the three defeats in their first six games certainly did not help their cause last season.

Solskjaer’s side are going to need to be at their very best, though, when the 2021/22 Premier League season kicks off, as they will face Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds United at Old Trafford to begin with.

Of course, there is still a month or so before the season begins, but the players are going to have to keep fit and work hard as they continue to learn about how to play pokies this summer, otherwise they could be in a rather poor position.

Indeed, Solskjaer has said just as much about that as well, as he told the club’s official website that the first six or seven games will be crucial, which could see a number of kids missing out on minutes and the opportunity to impress in the club friendlies that have been scheduled as part of the pre-season campaign.

He told the club’s official website: ‘There’ll probably be less and less for the kids – that’s just the way it goes. We have to start better than last season. We didn’t get off to a decent start at all and now it’s first one under the belt.

‘I think the Premier League is more competitive [than it used to be]. We had [when I was a player] maybe one competitor every season so, of course, the first six or seven games, it’s very important to stay there. You don’t win the league in the first six or seven games, but you can lose the chance of winning the league.’