“United our pride” Man Utd Owners not willing to Sell Club For £4 billion

According to widespread media reports, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman is planning to table a £4billion takeover offer to become the new owner of Manchester United.

The Red Devils present owners Joel and Avram Glazer are thought to have already disclosed that the club is not up for sale, however, that has not discouraged Bin Salman.

The mega rich, oil magnate is thought to be valued about £850billion and hopes to rival Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi owner as part of his vision to diversify the economy of his country by 2030.

Manchester United were recently valued at about £3.2billion by the famous Forbes and now media reports from Britain suggest that Bin Salman is prepared to add another £800million onto his offer in order to convince the current owners of the club to sell.

However, the current Manchester United chiefs are wary of listening to any offers from Salman for their darling club due to the tense present diplomatic situation that sorround the demise of Jamal Khashoggi who was an international Journalist.

The Glazer’s had been due to travel to Riyadh this week for a globa Forum, however, he is one of a couple of high-profile withdrawals from the forum following the situation surrounding the death of Khashoggi.

The Saudi Arabia Crown Prince has displayed a huge appetite for bringing big sporting events to his country in other to diversify the economy over the past few years, including boxing and motor sport, while earlier in the week, South American giants Argentina and Brazil played an international football match in Riyadh.