The Latest from Manchester United

The Men of Manchester United

A prestigious and powerful club, Manchester U is notorious for making big moves that the whole football world watches in anticipation. With Jose Mourinho leading the charge, this dedicated club seems more formidable than ever before. There have been some great achievements coming from MU throughout their storied history, but their future seems just as promising with all of the latest happenings.

MU is now officially on their US tour, and you can bet they are planning on making a good show of it. In fact, Mourinho was already working on that by posting some provocative pics from Beverly Hills.

Locked and Blocked

While Mourinho is a man that usually gets what he wants, much to the chagrin of other clubs, recently the Manchester U leader was blocked from a top summer target. There is not a lot of time left for the transfer window these days, and Mourinho has been running into his fair share of road blocks. While MU has already signed three great players, Diogo Dalot among them, the club is still struggling to shore up their line-up.

One of the juicier picks Mourinho has his eyes on is Alex Sandro from Juventus, but he has been stopped many times now. This hot Brazil player made MU’s list of targets a long time ago, but it doesn’t look like the transfer is going to happen. The board outright stopped Mourinho, stonewalling him from Sandro. This will be disappointing news for many MU fans, but there are still plenty of good picks available.

Staying On Top of It

Let’s not be coy, there is a lot of football going on these days, whether that is events, games, or new leagues. This is a great time to be a football fan, as you can literally get lost in the endless football content you can find, whether on the web or in person. The trouble is, with all these new options, how do you tune in to one great team without missing another one of your favorites?

The nice thing is that the new age has ushered in some technology assistance to help us view our favorite football teams faster and more efficiently than ever before. There are a lot of good sites that show live football scores, just make sure you find one that is accurate and trustworthy.

The Fred Connection

In more exciting Manchester U news, Fred has linked up with his new teammates in California for their pre-season tour of the US. It was the platform Instagram where the seasoned Brazilian officially announced his arrival in Beverly Hills. Fred’s arrival in California has been met with some much needed rest time after an extended break from his performance in the World Cup.

Fred and Jose Mourinho will be joining forces for the first time in football history, and fans and expert analysts alike are eager to see what will happen when this dynamic duo comes together and becomes a force to be reckoned with.