Man United Sends Representatives To Portugal As Agreement Is Reach To Sign Bayern Munich Target

Manchester United’s scouting missions in Portugal, especially Benfica, has helped fuel gossip during the January transfer window. Initially Manchester United were said to be keen on signing promising Swedish centre-back, Victor Lindelöf. The transfer however stalled due to an issue surrounding a sell-out clause in Lindelöf’s contract according to reports. The problem involved his hometown club, Västerås SK, from whom Benfica signed him in 2011.

As this deal stuttered, gossip switched to another Benfica defender, Nélson Semedo. Reports suggest that the Red devils have an agreement in place that will see the full-back Semedo move to the Theatre of Dreams this summer.

Surprisingly, O Jogo, a Portuguese news outlet, reported that United were sending an official to a recent Benfica game stating that the reason the official was present was to scout Semedo and Lindelöf. This raises the question, why are United still scouting players that they already have deals in place for? It is hard to believe that resources would be wasted if the club had already reached a decision and agreed the deal(s). Maybe an agreement with the players and nothing reached with Benfica yet?

If this is the case, Manchester United could have remained in Portugal to keep an eye on Semedo and Victor Lindelöf to see if they have the consistency and ability needed to be successful for the club if, like reports suggest, the deal is in place may

When José took charge of Chelsea back in 2004, he signed four players from his homeland all of whom played in the Portuguese league at the time. So, United now scouting Portugal so intensively should not come as such a shock. However United need to ensure they qualify for the Champions league by finishing in the top four of the Premier League. This is especially so as Bayern Munich are said to be interested in Nélson Semedo who could be the replacement for Philipp Lahm who is retiring at the end of the season.