[PICTURE] Mourinho Meets With £175,000-A-Week UCL Winner

Jose Mourinho and Gerard Pique were pictured attending a tennis match at the O2 Arena on Sunday and unsurprisingly, this has given rise to rumors that the Spaniard could potentially join Manchester United.

Another day, another ridiculous rumours… This time around, the English media seem to be trying to invent a story that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique could potentially be joining struggling Premier League giants Manchester United.

The origin of the story stems from the fact that United boss Jose Mourinho was pictured in close proximity with Gerard Pique at the ATP Finals clash between Serbia’s Novak Djokovic and Austria’s Dominic Thiem on Sunday.


However, it is safe to state that the chances of Pique joining Manchester United are virtually non-existent, well at least until Mourinho remains in charge of the club anyway.

Pique who currently earns a staggering £175,000 a week at Barca spent some of his formative years at United between 2004 and 2008 under Sir Alex Ferguson and the defender has had nothing but complimentary words to say about his former side. There have even been constant rumors linking the 29-year-old with a return to Old Trafford over the past few years.

Now though, the ship seems to have already sailed and Pique re-joining United seems nothing more than a pipe dream. For starters, Pique has been savagely critical of Mourinho when the Portuguese was manager of Real Madrid and he had this to say about the current United boss back in 2011.

Following a Supercopa clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid, he had said, “Mourinho is destroying Spanish football. There is talk about the Catalans, but the problem is with Madrid. I think it’s going too far. It cannot always end well. In the end this will end very badly.”

Mourinho is a man who seems to hold grudges but if we indeed assume that the two make up (which looks unlikely given the hostile looking expressions of the two at the ATP Finals), the transfer will still not take place.

Pique is a crucial component of the Barcelona side and without him the Catalan giants really seem to be struggling. Therefore, there is no way that Barcelona will look to sell Pique anytime soon and the Spanish international also seems perfectly happy at the Nou Camp at the moment.

Pique is already 29 as well and although United have the financial means to probably turn Barcelona’s head, the prospective transfer would potentially be another addition to the Red Devils’ bad transfer decisions – which the club seems to be making ever so often in recent years.