Which Centre Back Can Manchester United Still Sign?

We have an issue, it’s know to all of us, it’s been talked about over and over again for the past 2 years, and it seems like Jose Mourinho has had enough like the rest of us. I am talking about the departure of two of our greatest center backs of all time, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, and the fact that we have yet to replace them with a center back worthy of succeeding them.

Now we do have have Chris Smalling, who has been an excellent choice for us in the meantime, but he is still prone to errors and lapses of concentration that has me raging at the TV sometimes. We also brought in Eric Bailly who looks to be a great purchase, but we can’t rely on him every weekend, at least at this early stage in his career. I won’t even get started on injury prone Phil Jones or …. Rojos. Can we sell him already?

Like me, Mourinho sees the gaping flaw in our center back department, and if the rumors are true, he wants to fix it before this transfer window shuts.

Apparently he is looking to bring in a world class center back to build his back line around. Jose has always built a formidable defense, no matter where he goes, and to think that it will change because he comes to Manchester is laughable. Mourinho needs a center back he knows he can trust every weekend to lead his back line. Can you honestly say we have that player right now?

Hence we are reading these rumors about a major signing to bolster our lack luster center back line-up. Like the rest of the players we have signed or been linked with, we are looking at the best of the best.

The first one worth mentioning is Kostas Manolas. The 25 year old Greek defender has really made a name for himself at Roma. He has everything you want out of a modern defender; (It seems like that is the case for a lot of the defenders coming out of Italy at the moment.) he has pace, solid distribution from the back and a great reading of the game as it happens before him. He is the perfect signing for us. There is only one hurdle. If he is sold during this transfer window, his previous team, Olympiacos, gets 50% of his transfer fee. As much as I want to see this happen, I can’t imagine Roma selling him till the  winter window.

Another big name we are ear marked for is Leonardo Bonucci. It seems like every big club want’s this guy, and for good reasons. He has all those skills mentioned about Manolas, except the 29 year old does them better and he is a natural leader on the field. A HUGE plus. With Chiellini getting older, I find it hard to believe that Juventus will let him go for any price. Remember they just sold us Pogba for a world record fee. They have no reason to sell anyone for quite a while.

The last one I will cover is Shkodran Mustafi. At 24, the German has won a World Cup and cemented his spot in the Valencia line up. He is a modern center back capable of passing from the back, and an absolute beast without the ball. He is the perfect signing for a lot of clubs, and that is why a lot of clubs are looking to sign him – Arsenal and Chelsea are both interested at the moment. For some reason I don’t see this one happening. Arsenal have been favorites to sign him for quite a while now, and we are just now being linked with him. But Mourinho has done it before to Tottenham when he signed Willian for Chelsea, he could well do it with Arsenal who enjoy dithering.

Any of these signing would greatly improve our chances at winning the title this year. Which one we decide to pursue is complete up to Jose and who he thinks can lead his back line like he desires.