Real Reason For Pogba Announcement Delay Revealed, Lawyers Working On Documents

If you’re tired of updates on Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United, then the internet has been a bad place to be this week. Reports offering timescales, updates, guesses on when the Frenchman will take his medical…..we’ve read it all over the last seven days as speculation on Pogba’s future has spiked after the deal was said to be ready to complete.

So, what’s caused the hold-up? Well, according to Gianluca Di Marzio, the complexities of the deal have caused the biggest stumbling block. The below, translated from Italian offers a bit more insight:

“The latest details are now being resolved between the two clubs. The very high figures have required a lot of attention, and for this, time has lengthened (before) each quirk (of the deal) was settled. (At present), in Turin, the entourage of the player and the lawyers are working to complete all documentation, which then passes into the hands of Giuseppe Marotta and Juventus for signatures.”

This certainly helps to explain why United fans have been on tenterhooks for several days, waiting for the announcement of a deal that isn’t ready to be announced. The complexities of the deal, the price, scale and intricacies of Pogba’s image rights and sponsorship deals are all on a different level than your average transfer, so perhaps this explains why the deal remains close to completion, but not quite there, with both clubs tying up loose ends before the deal is confirmed.

Not only that, but Di Marzio is also suggesting that once these finalities have been concluded, only then will Pogba be free to join up with United, as he is currently still expected to report back for pre-season training at Juve’s Vinovo base on Sunday 7th August.

Whilst it’s been tiring to hear reports assuring fans that a deal for Pogba is imminent, perhaps the length of time that it’s taken to seal this deal is to be expected, given that this is the biggest transfer in the sport’s history. The sheer size of the numbers being quoted seem to make every aspect of the deal a little more complicated to conclude.

Still, all being well, Jose Mourinho should get his man before the Premier League kicks off next weekend. The Portuguese is clearly keen to get the Frenchman integrated into his squad as quickly as possible in an effort to start the upcoming season off strongly, so the quicker a deal can be concluded, the better.