Liverpool win shows the true nature of Louis van Gaal’s philosophy

Any sort of win over the old enemy is a win to savour. Beating Liverpool at Anfield is always a reason to celebrate for Manchester United fans especially if it changes their Premier League odds and the manner of the positive result on Sunday afternoon made the win even sweeter. Louis van Gaal extended his run of 4 consecutive wins against United’s arch rivals to five. It may not have been pretty – but it sure was effective. In doing so, he showed the fans his true philosophy and how he has the ability to expand it.

I’ve always been a supporter of Louis van Gaal and will continue to do so as long as he’s at the helm of the team. My idea of backing the manager is simple – provide your wholesome support unless he is or has embarrassed the club.

The basic view of Louis van Gaal’s classic philosophy is pass the ball around, tire the opposition and then hit the – or at least it has been that way over the last 20 months. At Liverpool, that was tested. The first half bought on several goalscoring chances for Liverpool. They had the better of the ball, more neatness in passing, clear cut chances, a firm grip over the game. Fair to say that they should have been two or three up by the time the teams returned to the dressing room. What does Louis van Gaal do? He adapts.

He knows the game can’t be taken under control now. Jürgen Klopp’s high pressing side is going to destroy his posession based method, the players themselves were struggling to keep hold of the ball, so he lets them come at United.

The second half was much better than the first, once again Liverpool had the more of everything, but they didn’t have what mattered – the ball in the back of the net. A lot of the credit can be given to David de Gea for the win, maybe if the two goalkeepers were wearing opposite shirts the result would have been different. But credit is also due to the organisation of the team as well as the awareness. Like a flower that blooms they came closer as they were defending and spaced out on the attack.

A scrappy end but a result nonetheless. And, honestly, I wouldn’t mind 1-0 wins in that fashion throughout the season as long as we win a trophy whether it’s against Manchester City or Midtjylland – I’d take it. Over time, people are going to talk about the fact that you won it and not how you won it.

As I said, any sort of win against the enemy is a win to savour.