New Manchester United Jose Mourinho: “I want to win”

Manchester United’s new manager Jose Mourinho has wasted little time in setting out his ambitions for his new club. With the Portuguese now installed at Old Trafford having succeeded Louis van Gaal, who was officially dismissed on Monday, Mourinho has instantly set out his stall for the club’s immediate future.

“I feel great,” said Mourinho in an exclusive interview with MUTV. “I think this comes at the right moment in my career. Man Utd is a club you need to be prepared for, because they are what I call a giant club and giant clubs need the best managers.

“I’m ready for it. I’m proud. I’m honoured. I cannot wait for 7th July to go on the pitch.

“I think we can put our club into perspective. One perspective is the last three years; another is the history. I prefer to forget the past three years.

“I want to win. I need the supporters and players to feel that.”