FC Midtjylland 2-1 Man United | The lowest point since Sir Alex’s retirement?

As a writer it has been very difficult to write anything this season which hasn’t already been said plenty of times before many others. I’ve heard the words turgid, pedestrian and tedious more since September than I have in the rest of my thirty two years on this earth put together.  

The result against FC Midtjylland is possibly the lowest point I’ve had as a Man United fan since Sir Alex retired. Yes, the Olympiakos defeat under David Moyes was a low but this was a Champions League side with a history of dominating their domestic league! FC Midtjylland were only founded in 1999 and their league win last year was the first piece of silverware they’ve won. Even with injuries we should be beating this side home and away so this just goes to show how low morale and confidence it at the club.

Normally when fans are calling for their manager to be removed there is a degree of hatred or resentment towards them, although with Louis Van Gaal I still like him, he clearly loves the club and wants to do well but it’s just not working. I appreciate Van Gaal’s honesty in interviews but after the Sunderland defeat would we have ever heard Sir Alex say that Europa League success is our best chance of the Champions League next season. Granted I agree with Van Gaal however we still have to play the four teams above us and generally have plenty of points to play for. In public fans want to hear their manager come out with some fighting talk to galvanise the club and push for success in the last quarter of the season and hopefully see us take one of those top four places.


We are very fortunate that Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton have been so inconsistent as we are there for the taking should they have been able to get a good run of results together. 

I just pray that the club act sooner rather than later and remove Van Gaal as manager of Manchester United. Especially while we still have silverware and a top four finish to play for. Who to replace him with is a question for another day.