Wake Me Up Before You Resign: Louis van Gaal Edition

This season in the Premier League has had plenty of managerial change drama already, what with Liverpool – and frankly, most of the other teams’ fans – falling head over heels for the newly appointed Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho being sacked from Chelsea. Is Manchester United going to follow in their footsteps?

After the horrible home defeat in the hands of Southampton that the Red Devils suffered on Saturday, most of the fans were more than disheartened – if you can call being disheartened the fact that they booed the team off after the first half, and then on the final whistle, too. Louis van Gaal’s stoic admittance that they were right isn’t very likely to make anyone feel better towards him – unless he manages to make his team play better, that is.

However, Man United has only won three out of their last 13 games – against Swansea City, Sheffield United, and Liverpool – and with their performance being so lacklustre they are not very likely to make it to the Champions League, even though the fourth position is currently only five points away in the Premier League.

Right now it seems that the team is in a dire need of a change before it’s too late, if Chelsea’s example has taught us anything. The question is how long Louis van Gaal will still continue dragging this show on – and the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet actually has the odds for that: it’s a 1/2 for him having left by the Chelsea game, 13/20 by the Stoke game, and a very unlikely 9/1 for him being in charge for the first game of the 16/17 season.

While Premier League teams are notorious for being rather quick in changing their managers, a lot of people would have expected van Gaal to have been sacked by now, so obviously the directors’ board must have their own reasons – or maybe they just need that last push. And then we will be able to move onto the next question – who is the best manager to replace the Dutchman, when he quite inevitably falls of this rollercoaster?