Manchester United Transfer Carousal: Don’t Get Caught In The Hype

Even before Manchester United finally won a match again- 2-1 vs. Swansea City, fans got a jolt of excitement with the transfer speculation of Everton central defender John Stones. To the naked eye, he’s exactly what United need: big, young, good passer, calm, strong with the ball. It’s exactly what everyone needs.

Not so fast.

While it’d be a dream deal, not only for United to get their hands on a potential world-class defender, but i’m sure for Stones himself, the rumors just don’t add up.

While Everton is starting to fall back dramatically in the chase for a top-4 spot, the team still has a lot to play for. Such as a Europa League spot, FA Cup and they are currently in the semi-finals of the Carling Cup. Their boss Roberto Martinez just said it’s important for his team to win something this season. Their odds of winning anything drop without Stones.

Stones is expected to anchor the defence for England at the 2016 European Cup, too. A big task for a guy who is only 21-years old. Moving to another team, and system could make a difficult transition for him and thus lose playing time. His comfort zone is under Martinez and Everton. No reason to move and risk anything before a Euro Cup competition.

Lastly, Everton is on the verge of a ownership takeover. While it’d seem the current owners would like to bank one last time on a player transfer, it just doesn’t work that way. Once the two sides agreed on a sale price, the period in which the two sets of teams of lawyers are double checking and triple checking paperwork, the current owners would be wise to get approval from the in-coming group. Unless they were already told: doors for business are closed until further notice.

United will be busy this January, but clubs and agents try to push rumours to get the most money. Either in making a sale or for an agents client. Reporters and journalists often run with any kind of info they get, even if it seems fishy because they hope that agent/insider will later on provide better info. It’s all a crazy game, but don’t always get caught up in every rumour. Some just don’t make sense.