Hernandez has not given up hope of reviving his United career

There are very few footballers at Manchester United who even our most hated rivals will struggle to say a bad word about, and Javier Hernandez is certainly one of those.

In a recent interview he told Marca that he has not given up hope of a future at Old Trafford under Louis Van Gaal.

Last summer it was a different situation. When Van Gaal arrived, he wanted to restructure the team and reduce the number of players. They weren’t playing in Europe and he preferred to focus on the Premier League. Perhaps he didn’t want many players because we wouldn’t have played, but now the situation is different. There will be a Champions League preliminary round to play, which means many more games and I think there might be more opportunities. I think I have more options to play at United next season.”

I am sure that Hernandez has something to offer Louis Van Gaal. Given the minutes on the pitch last season he would have surpassed anything Van Persie and Falco achieved. Does he have a realistic chance of wearing a United shirt next season, only one man knows and I hope that answer is yes!