Veterans or United New Boys. How will the new line-up look next season?

As I’m sure most of you have seen, countless lineup suggestions and predictions have taken to the web in response to the newest signings. Many fans seem to be pondering the roles of players like Carrick, Young, and Valencia in the new system. In this article, I’d like to discuss the roles, and fate of some of the squad in response to the newest signings. As well as an overall general consensus on the newest formation we’ll be using.

Carrick: To begin, I’ll talk about the player most fans seem to be sweating over. With not one, but two new center defensive midfield signings, Michael Carrick’s position as holding midfield is highly in doubt. Having performed so well last season, most fans are very verbal on their value of Carrick in the midfield. Many fans worry that alike the fates of Andrea Pirlo, and Xavi, he may be off to the MLS or a lesser league. However, I feel he may be counted on for a regular substitute game-changing player, and maybe even get the occasional start.


Herrera or Fellani??: If Van Gaal runs the 3 on top, and 3 in the midfield like most believe he will, than many analytics believe it will be Mata at CAM, and the 2 behind midfielders likely to be Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin. So that being said, would we lose either Fellaini or Herrera? Would we be able to hold on to that many quality midfielders without making any of them unhappy? That is the unknown question. Fellaini and Herrera both had stunning seasons last year, therefore many fans are torn on which (if either) would have to get the axe. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to part with either. But the new arrivals do raise certain questions to be asked of Van Gaal.


Young and Valencia??: The proposed starting 3 on top for the next season, is Di Maria on one wing, Depay on the other, and Rooney in between. Although Di Maria had a rather poor season last season, most believe he will find himself this season. Especially given his ideal position of Winger. Without the left or right mid position being available in the new formation, both Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia find themselves somewhat lost in transition. While Valencia played right-back last season, the arrival of Matteo Darmian puts that position out of his reach. However, I have a rather tantalizing proposition to keep them active in the squad. I believe that both Young, and Valencia are capable of being very effective alternate winger options for Van Gaal. I’m unsure if he will try this, but I think they would match expectations if positioned in the Wing positions.


While this season brings just as much uncertainty as it does excitement, we patiently await to see what Van Gaal will stick with after the pre-season friendlies. These are just some of the countless opinions, and options floating around currently. Only later, will we know the solid, and sealed truth.