Radamel Falcao to stay at Manchester United?

Rumours from many different news sources, and English media outlets suggest that Radamel Falcao may just become a red after all. While these reports are likely just speculation, and media gossip it is still a good thought to entertain.

As any United supporter would honestly admit, Falcao simply hasn’t lived up to his billing in his season-long loan in Manchester. Coming into the side, his reputation proceeded him, and fans expected huge things to come. Granted, he maybe hasn’t had the needed playtime under Van Gaal. But nonetheless, he has failed to impress with the minutes he’s been given. So with all this in mind, you may be thinking “Why on earth would we want to sign him???”. Well, it’s not complicated, or even crazy why we would.

Throughout his career, Falcao has been a proven, and world class athlete. He shined at FC Porto, and even more so at Athletico Madrid. He was a seemingly unstoppable goal-machine that knew no bounds. Given the time, many credible, and reliable analytics believe he may re-visit those titles. The mutual belief of these analytics is that the issue is his confidence. It may seem petty to some, but I assure you that confidence is a much more important variable than many may believe. If an athlete is not confident in their abilities, they cannot make the split-second decisions, or judgment calls that allow them to be effective. After-all, football is just as much a mental game as it is physical. If given proper support and training over the summer, he would likely be a different man with something to prove. To keep up with all the latest transfer news, transferrumours has all the up to date news on a daily basis.

Before his spell at United, Falcao suffered a serious injury that kept him out of the World Cup. Coming back from this injury, football supporters around the globe correctly assumed that he would need some time to recover his old form after his injury. However, few would have guessed that he would have an entire season of poor form. It is commonly speculated that the sole reason Monaco even loaned him out is to let someone play him back into form after his injury. But after seeing his latest performances, word is that Monaco look to offload him. Could Van Gaal be looking to the future?

If we are patient, and believe in Falcao anything could happen. Sure, he could remain in this poor form for the rest of his career. And that being said, if we bought him we’d be wasting quite a handsome sum of money. However, in the event that he became the Falcao of old, he’d be well worth the amount we’d pay. Although these rumors are unconfirmed, it is a good thing to think about. Buying him may be both an unpopular choice and a gamble, but it’s a gamble that would undoubtedly pay off if Falcao were to find himself over the next few months.