David De Gea – Can We Really Blame Him?

It is all but confirmed that De Gea will join Real Madrid in the summer, and to be honest most fans should have seen this one coming. De Gea has established himself as arguably the best goalkeeper in the premier league, putting in impressive performances each week and saving vital points for United. His form this season has caught the eye of many of Europe’s elite, most notably Real Madrid. De Gea was born in Madrid and spent the early part of his career at Atletico Madrid. He is establishing himself as the Spanish number one and traditionally, based on recent past, the Spanish goalkeeper plays for one of the elite in the Spanish league. De Gea’s family and girlfriend live in Madrid, and he even visited the city midweek presumably due to homesickness. All the facts stack up against Manchester United and it is something that fans will just have to accept. We have been blessed with a great goalkeeper and sadly, it is time to move onto a new era. De Gea has the potential to be the best goalkeeper in the world, and this move makes the most sense for him. This summer is the perfect time for him to move on, United will command a decent fee in return, and he is still very young for a goalkeeper at the age of 24. Real Madrid are in desperate need of consistency, and De Gea is the best man to provide that.

As United fans we have been privileged to watch De Gea continuously improve and put together amazing performances week in and week out. There should be no hatred towards De Gea as he has given his best for the team and has been passionate and grateful throughout his whole United career. We just must accept that it is the best move for him and that it makes the most sense at this stage of his career.

The next question we must ask is, who will replace him?

There have been countless names thrown around, many news outlets guessing at which names may be on LVG’s list. But, bringing in a household name may not be the best option, I think that it would be intelligent to try and develop a young keeper as a backup to Valdes. As many United fans remember, De Gea was not world class when he first came to the club, he was actually quite the opposite, originally struggling to impress at his new club. It took time for him to mature and develop into the keeper that he is today. Therefore, I think it would be beneficial to try something similar with one of Europe’s up and coming young goalkeepers. Valdes is at the perfect age to be a mentor to a younger goalkeeper, he has the experience and attitude to help develop any keeper United may decide to bring in. I do not think, although many may disagree, that it is necessary to bring in another world class keeper right away. Valdes is a suitable option for a few years, and during those years it would be best to develop the keeper of the future, someone who wants to play for United and isn’t simply driven by money. It would not feel right to have the likes of Petr Cech or Hugo Lloris between the posts at Old Trafford, players like them who have played in the premier league already and  are not necessarily driven by a passion for United. Hugo Lloris wants champions league football, it does not appear that he cares whether he plays in the Champions League for Manchester United or another foreign competitor. The club needs stability, someone who has the drive and will to succeed and who understands the power of the Manchester United crest. David De Gea understood that, and it is a shame to see him go, but as United fans we must face reality and reality involves our great Spanish keeper moving back to his homeland.