Louis van Gaal reveals Manchester United’s next manager?

Current Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal has stated that he believes Ryan Giggs will be the man to take over the manager’s role at Old Trafford after his time comes to an end.

In an interview with MUTV, he said “I expect that he will be the next manager after I am gone”, Giggs is currently LVG’s managerial assistant at United and the boss has praised Giggs as he added “He has tasks that he has to perform like the players [do]. What he has to do, for me, he does it very well.”

Last year, after David Moyes was fired as manager, Giggs filled in for the rest of the season and referred to the experience as the “proudest moment” of his career, so there is no doubt that Giggs would be happy to take the reigns as manager after Van Gaal’s departure.

The question is, is he ready to be a full-time manager? Although Giggs has been nothing but magnificent for the club, with a record 963 performances, the Welshman only has four games as a manager under his belt, only two of which were wins. Hopefully under Van Gaal, Giggs can learn the ways of the gaffer and be prepared when it is his time to step up.