Rooney on Fellaini: “He’s a world-beater”

After the Manchester derby, United team captain Wayne Rooney paid some massive compliments to United’s Belgian tank Marouane Fellaini. What Rooney had to say:

He is getting used in the right way

He’s a handful for defenders to mark. We like to play out from the back and if teams are pressing us then we have him as an option.

He’s probably the best in world football at bringing the ball down and getting us out of pressure and further up the pitch. He is being used in the right way by the manager and he is repaying that with goals and good performances.

When asked about Fellaini’s first season in Manchester: “It was tough for him but he had the whole team’s support. He kept his head down, worked hard and came through that period. He is showing now what he did at Everton and why Manchester United bought him. He is a quality player, he’s a different option for us, and it’s starting to show on the pitch.

We knew he was working hard last season and it wasn’t just him who was struggling – a lot of us were. He was the one who took most of the blame for it. It was hard for him. Thankfully the manager has shown faith in him.


These quotes from Rooney are very agreeable, and true. He brings up a good point in highlighting exactly what Fellaini’s role is on the pitch. His best moments are relieving pressure, and regulating play through strength, courage, and passing. It is truly a gift to have a man of Fellaini’s talent on our squad.