The United Future (Arrivals and Departures)

With an upturn in performances, especially on the back of the 4-2 mauling of bitter rivals Manchester City, United fans can begin dreaming of the future under Van Gaal’s leadership, which includes a return to Champion’s League football seeing as United have an almost guaranteed top four finish.

The future will include new faces and the departure of old ones. This season has revealed those who just cannot be a part of LVG’s army for various reasons. Feel free to share your thoughts on the following.

Players In:

Memphis DePay: Fantastic form, young, an eye for goal and lots of pace, you can’t do much better than him at the moment. With LVG admitting that 4-3-3 is his preferred formation, United will need a new winger and who better than LVG’s country man who has worked with him before?

Varane/Hummels: It would have to be one of them and not both. Varane is younger but has played for arguably the biggest team in the world (second to United of course) so he won’t be lacking in experience but Hummels has a world cup winner’s medal, showing he is a player of proven quality. Varane is less injury prone but Hummels would be easier to sign as things are now (BVB missing out on the Champions League and United heading there). United can’t sign both as that’ll lead to the freezing out of Academy boys like McNair and Blackett. You decide.

Cavani/Lacazette/Dybala: United need a quick forward who can finish. Someone with the individual brilliance that can run riot in the opposition box and score. Personally, Lacazette is my preferred signing. Pace, Dynamism and a growing maturity to his game, coupled with the fact that he’s only 23 makes him a fantastic prospect for the team.

Nathaniel Clyne/Dani Alves: United have been linked with these two right backs. While Alves might currently be better than Clyne in terms of quality, he’s 31 and has not been exposed to the rigors of the EPL. For me, I’d say look for the third option as Clyne strikes me as the type of player to move to a bigger team and struggle.

Player out:

Johnny Evans: No brainer. He has been disastrous over the last couple of seasons and he’s also injury prone. Cash in on him while you have the chance Ed.

Rafael: It’ll hurt every United fan but LVG has made it clear he has no use for Rafael in his team, if he won’t adjust to his demands, by leaving him on the bench. Besides being injury prone, Rafael’s adventurous style of play is not in line with LVG’s purposeful organised football. We’d really love to see him stay though.

Falcao: To be honest, he simply has not done enough to justify his price tag even though he remains a top class striker. Let him go.

Van Persie: Age and injuries seem to be getting the better of him but it remains yet to be seen if LVG will let him go.

Nani: No brainer. He already has one foot out the door. However, going by the transformation of Young and Fellaini, I wouldn’t write him off if he were to stay.

Javier Hernandez: Same as Nani


There you have it. Let’s have your thoughts.