Rafael educated by team-mates on importance of FA Cup

Manchester United travel to Yeovil with Louis van Gaal’s men looking to avoid an upset and Rafael has admitted that he wants to win the FA Cup so that he can proudly claim that he has won everything at the club.

Rafael has been talking to his team-mates who have been educating him on the importance of the FA Cup in English culture and he admits that he would love to relive some magical moments on the pitch, a prime example of that being Giggs’ goal vs Arsenal in 1999.

Rafael said: “Yes, the FA Cup is special to me, because they [the English players] talk to me about it.”

“They talk about the goal Giggsy scored against Arsenal when he took his shirt off. I’ve watched it as well so you can see how special that was.”

“I want to be involved, I want to have more moments with the team like this. If I can be on the pitch when someone scores [a goal like that], it will be amazing.”

“Maybe I’ll take my shirt off if I score, but I don’t think the manager would be happy because I would get a yellow card!”

Rafael confesses that he never truly understood the importance of the FA Cup and said that he realised it once he came to the Old Trafford club.

“When I came to Britain I started to know more because in Brazil we knew about the FA Cup, but we didn’t know how big it was in England,” Rafael continues.

“It’s more the Premier League and the Champions League that we know about but when I came here, I saw how big it [the FA Cup] is.” 

“When I get old and speak to my kids, if I can say I won everything with Manchester United it will be fantastic. It’s a trophy I’m looking to win, definitely.”