Louis van Gaal hopeful on a City or Chelsea slip up

Louis van Gaal is of the opinion that he can replicate his success at Bayern Munich with Manchester United.

After being appointed as the manager of Bayern in 2009, Van Gaal won just 8 out of his first 19 games. But he overcame this slow start and went on a winning run of 13 games to help Bayern to a domestic double in his first season.

“Yes, but that I have said already, in preparation time [pre-season] that I need time,” he said. “In the United States, we had direct success. I think we played very well there – surprisingly, very good.

“I coach in a way that players have to think for themselves and think why they are doing things on the pitch. When you work at that rate, you have to be conscious of what you are doing. That takes time.”

“But when they are used to that, then it shall give better consistency in performance. That’s what I’m looking for and that needs time. That was also the case when I was in Barcelona, in Munich and even like that with the Dutch national team.”

Van Gaal was a bit skeptical when asked whether United could extend their winning run over a lengthy period.

“You never know, because the Premier League is different to the Spanish or German league,” he said. “We have to work with other players with their own identities.”

“I have said already, when they are used to the way they have to think and prepare, the possibility that you win and perform well is much higher. That’s why I have won a lot of titles, I think.”

Despite making progress in recent weeks, Van Gaal isn’t sure of United’s title credentials due to the strength of Chelsea and Manchester City.

“Mathematically, yes [United can win the title]. But you have to see what Manchester City are doing and Chelsea are doing, because they are above us.”

“They are very good teams. They have to make mistakes. They are not dependant on others. We are depending on Chelsea and Manchester City [making mistakes].”