Manchester United look ahead to Everton at Old Trafford

It’s that time of the week again. The weekend is on it’s way, which means football is almost back for Manchester United. Last weeks game is almost forgotten about and everyone is looking forward to, what we expect to be, a good performance from United and a home win at Old Trafford.

This, however, has not and will not be the case. Yes we are probably going to see plenty of goals from ‘The Gaalacticos’ going forward, but expect to see the nerves kick in again at some point throughout the 90 minutes and our defensive frailties stand out beyond belief. This is not going to go away over night either, as we have all seen last season under David Moyes and this under Van Gaal. Manchester United are going to struggle to win most games comfortably, and this way of playing is here to stay until the reds can win 3/4 on the bounce and regain their confidence as a team. It doesn’t matter if individuals are performing. It’s a team game and United need to start performing as an eleven. There were glimpses of this on Saturday, but each time we see this something happens, like a moment of madness from Rooney, or a penalty that never should have been. It does sometimes seem, that the footballing gods are against us.

Step by step though, little by little, as Manchester United fans have understood, is that it will take time. Young Paddy McNair was fantastic on Saturday. He had a real passion, showing how much he wanted to take his chance. We need that in games. We need players to get big performances back in them. Putting bodies on the line. Winning at any cost. No matter what!  Every time we concede, the players just seem to turn around, and get on with it. ‘Oh well, we’ve let in another goal’. This needs to change. The defensive side of our game can not continue like this.

Unfortunately it is going to, until January at least. Until we can find a commanding centre half, and a strong defensive midfielder, the United we have known for so many years is not just around the corner. So on Sunday lunch time expect more goals, expect to concede, and expect to be biting them fingernails from start to finish. I expect a home win, but do most Manchester United fan, and more importantly, do the players?