Why the 4-4-2 Diamond should stay at Old Trafford?

Louis Van Gaal switches away from his 3-5-2 formation for the first game of the season and it turns into a win.   Don’t get me wrong the 3-5-2 formation is a good one and if you have the team for it then it can work very well. Look at what the Netherlands did in the World Cup with it.  Manchester United just does not have the squad to run this formation, because they need four backs and not three for the Red Devils to defend well. The Red Devils personnel can run a diamond more smoothly with less risk than they can with wing-backs and the 3-5-2.

The Premier League is finding the 3-5-2 formation show up a lot since the World Cup.  Multiple teams are experimenting with the formation after it did so good during the World Cup.  Liverpool and Hull City started trying the formation last year and are expected to keep using it this year after watching multiple countries use it this past summer.  QPR and West Brom are teams that are going to try to implement the formation this year and see if they have players that can play the hard position that is wingback.  You can’t forget about United and their attempt at the formation which has not worked yet this season.

Is the 4-4-2 diamond formation the answer to United’s formation woes?  I think if Van Gaal decides to stay with the diamond formation it will show better results then going back to the 3-5-2.  With the diamond it puts our players in their natural formation like keeping Blind as a CDM and Mata at the CAM.  Speaking of Juan Mata I think LvG should move Rooney back to the midfield and start Falcao instead of putting Mata in there.  Rooney could actually shine by moving him back and bringing Falcao up to the front because the defense would be focusing on Falcao and Van Persie mainly.  The main thing that I think is keeping Van Gaal from doing this is that a couple years ago when they moved Rooney back in formation he wanted to leave because he didn’t like playing back.  I am hoping LvG can have a talk with Wayne and could change his mind and his thinking about moving back.

There is good things about running both the 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 diamond formations.  In the case for United they just don’t have the personnel to run the 3-5-2 right now but i’m not saying they will never be able to use just not right now at this moment.  I would personally love to see the team use the 3-5-2 later on if they can make it work because it is a great formation to watch and can be very deadly if used right.  The diamond formation is just the best formation for the Manchester United Red Devils right now and could get them to the top of the premier league table by the end of the season.  If United want to do good in the Champions League the 3-5-2 has not been good in the Champions League as shown by Juventus not doing good in recent years.