Lessons Learned: Manchester United 4-0 QPR

After having last weekend off, the Manchester United squad came into Sunday ready for action. The Starting XI almost made me cry tears of joy, with it being one of the most skilled overall lineups I have ever seen. Ander Herrera, Rooney, Van Persie, Blind, Mata, Di Maria, Rojo and De Gea were the strong names in the lineup, and United fans were a bit surprised to see that Falcao wasn’t in the lineup but played it off hoping we’ll see him later in the match. United were the strongest we’ve seen in a long time today with their 4-0 win against QPR.

United started off strong with good, and consistent attacking plays in the first half that involved almost the whole squad. The offensive play was some of the strongest play we’ve seen in at least two years with United maintaining a 75% possession rating in the first 15 minutes of the match where the plays were strong and had a good build up but only fizzled out with the finishes, something United has had struggles with and Van Gaal must be able to fix this in order to get the United squad to it’s best potential.

The Police will be knocking on my door later after loud yelling when Angel Di Maria put the ball in the net on a Free kick. It was a brilliant goal and his first at United and Old Trafford was the loudest it’s been since we lifted the trophy back in 2013 under Sir Alex. It was easy to tell that this goal was a huge morale boost and it definitely gave United it’s spirit back.

It was a close call when David De Gea had a little bit of confusion and forgot he was a goalkeeper and went out too far with a QPR attacker near, the shot almost went in but Evans came to the rescue and knocked the ball out. Must have been a bit of confusion and hopefully it won’t happen again, but it goes to show that even David De Gea, who is on the path to being the next Edwin Van Der Sar, is not perfect just yet.

Another absolutely brilliant play and the police are definitely on there way now after Wayne Rooney get’s a good touch that sets up a shot for Ander Herrera that makes its way into the net for a goal. Old Trafford was going absolutely mental as well as the United bench. QPR’s defence seems to have been very weak with the highlight only being Rio Ferdinand, who was the only defender that seemed to know what his job was today, and was the only defender making real stops in the QPR end.

Wayne Rooney was not satisfied with a 2-0 lead going into halftime and decided to change that with a brilliant right foot shot that proved impossible for QPR GK Robert Green to save. With that United went into halftime with a 3-0 lead, and were most likely going into the dressing room thinking about how they’ll increase that lead even more.

The second half started strong and 12 minutes into the half Angel Di Maria gives a good pass to Juan Mata and just like that it becomes 4-0, and anyone who put a 4-0 win on United over at William Hill, we know you’re happy today.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, play stopped in the 66th minute and Falcao made his way onto the pitch replacing Juan Mata. This is Falcao’s first match for United and fans were excited to see what he had to offer. Falcao took quite a few shots the unfortunately got stopped by QPR’s GK.

United played a confident game today that resulted in a strong 4-0 win against QPR, and a happy Louis Van Gaal, who was desperately looking for a win and this was his first. The squad played as a team today, with the communication definitely improving since we last saw them play, as well as our offensive play in general, which had good passes, and good speed, but will need to work on their finishing. United will be in leicester next week Sunday to take on another newly promoted team. But for today United fans finally have something to celebrate, so let’s hope the pubs keep the lager flowing.