A Manchester United ‘Kick Start’, or Another Dose of Déjà Vu?

Think back a year ago. International break and Manchester United hadn’t made the best of starts under new manager David Moyes, but fans weren’t too worried as most of us had faith in the boss(Fergie had told us to) and believed everything would be alright. The break was a good break because we could now ‘kick start’ our season. Forget about the first few games, start a fresh and show that life without Fergie wouldn’t be any different. Trophies would still continue to come to the Theatre of Dreams. A year on and where do we find ourselves…..wanting to kick start our season after the international break, having made a poor start.

Is this going to be the same all over again? Where the defence is beyond shaky; even more so now without the likes of Rio, Vidic and Evra. Add that together with the midfielders not wanting to pass a ball forward, or with any sort of pace whatsoever – looking uninterested. Most of us didn’t want to accept it at the time, even though deep down we knew it. We weren’t very good. We even thought the title was still a possibility.

Or is this going to be the exact opposite? Where United do, in fact ‘kick start’ their season and Van Gaal does get it right. The new signings are there to be admired without half of them even kicking a ball, but can King Louis get all these players playing to his philosophy, and also keeping them all happy, as the 3-5-2 formation cannot possibly fit all the world class forwards that we have. Who does he leave out? Will some spit their dummies out? Carrick returning from injury will also have its effects on one of the two central midfielders, as Van Gaal is clearly an admirer of the 33 year old.

I believe players once again know that if performances aren’t to a Manchester United standard then they will be shown the door, as many have found out this summer. This wasn’t the case under Moyes, where players got away with a lack of interest on the pitch… or so it seemed.

QPR at home is the perfect place to ‘kick start’ the season. A team that can’t find a goal, and a team that will be up against the likes of Falcao and Di Maria, which must leave most of the premier league wondering how on earth they can they deal with this world class attack. If United can win this game by a couple of goals, with a half decent performance, this will do the whole club the world of good. If they don’t, then we could have a serious case of déjà vu. And once again it could be another very long season.

We can only have hope that come Sunday at 6pm, United fans everywhere can once again be happy – last season a distant memory. Everyone at Manchester United will be able to say, hand on heart, that this is where we really ‘kick start’ the season and that Manchester United are back in business!