It’s all about the now for Manchester United

“Hated, adored but never ignored” is the short tag that has bought comfort and solace to many United fans of late, but within the last week it has started to ring truer than ever. Whether it’s the day of the Champions League draw, a rival player has been injured or our captain becomes England captain, everyone still waits for Manchester United news; We are the biggest club in the world.

Brendan Rogers said earlier this week that “In order to get the type of players you want, you have to be in the Champions League” , and somewhere within his Liverpudlian mediocrity he’s right; a lack of Champions League football can hurt a club in more ways than one, not just financially. But Manchester United aren’t just any club, and as we are finding out this week, being the biggest club in the world has it’s perks in the sense that the stars of World football will always be interested in playing for you. Chin up Brendan, you’ll learn.

There’s been a sprinkling of star-dust on Manchester United this summer, and for now, it seems as though Mr. Edward Woodward has dispelled the doubt that surrounded him. It seems twisted that we are Premier League’s highest spenders but whilst rival fans criticise, it was obvious that the squad needed a major overhaul, so hats off to Ed; he’s done his job. Finally.

Louis van Gaal’s rebuilding job has begun and long may it continue.