Not a time to panic at Manchester United

Just finished watching the Sunderland game and even though I am a bit disappointed I can still take a lot of positives from this performance. Firstly, we did not lose again. Yes it was against lower opposition but a point is still a point. In 09-10 when Van Gaal first took charge of the Bayern team (which went on to win a domestic double that season), his first 3 games only yielded him two points. They even lost to Mainz, which had just been promoted. Van Gaal knows that his philosophy takes time to gel and in some moments today, albeit very few, we could see a different Manchester United.

Secondly, we have Di María on his way if the reports are to be believed. United really lack pace and he can change that. Di María can single handedly change matches. His run in the Champions League final that led to Gareth Bale’s goal is testament to that. I believe that he is the one who will take our club (and the number 7 shirt) to it’s usual position in the football world.

United do need some more signings, especially in midfield as Fletcher and Cleverley were basically invisible today. Van Persie hasn’t even gotten back to match fitness as this was his first game since the world cup. So everything is not as bleak as it seems. United will come back and at the end of this season we’ll all be wondering what we were so worried about.