Tom Cleverley ready to prove all his critics wrong at Manchester United

He has been a player that many Manchester United fans have had a downer on in the past few seasons, especially last season when the club finished seventh in the Premier League, but, Tom Cleverley has come out and insisted that he will not allow the criticism from other players or fans have an impact on his form for Manchester United this season under Louis van Gaal.

Cleverley has had a good pre-season over in the USA with Manchester United, along with Ashley Young who has also had criticism in the past for his form and performances. Cleverley has almost been a scapegoat for United and England over the past 18-months, but one that he states will not affect his performances or mentality this coming season.

Speaking to reporters, Cleverley said:

“I want to prove a few people wrong. It makes you develop a lot thicker skin. You’ve just got to take it on the chin

“It’s football. Fans are passionate, they like to see their team win and when their team isn’t, they’ve got a right to look at the team.

“Yeah, I got a bit of stick. It does hurt when it comes from your own fans, but I’m not going to dwell on it.

“I’ve learned a few things, off and on the pitch. Being a new dad as well, you learn how to live your life better. Hopefully I’ll improve because of it this year.”