Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers expects Louis van Gaal to have a hard time in the Premier League

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has come out fighting after losing to Manchester United on Monday night, stating that United manager Louis van Gaal may be in for a ‘surprise’ in his first season at Old Trafford.

Louis van Gaal has started his Manchester United campaign off to a flying start, winning all available games during pre-season, including Liverpool in the final of the International Champions Cup over in the USA. Van Gaal comes into Manchester United at a tough time, having been given the task of turning United back into Champions elect once again, after the poor seventh place finish last season under David Moyes.

Manchester United beat Liverpool 3-1 on Monday night, with goals from Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard, after the game the Liverpool manager spoke to the media, stating that Van Gaal will find it hard and the competitiveness of the league surprising, Rodgers said:

“I think what he’ll find is the competition in this league will be different from any other league that he’s worked in

“In a lot of the other leagues there are one or two teams and those are the teams that are expected to win.

“This is a league where the top team plays the bottom team and on any given day you can lose. You don’t get that a lot in the other leagues. I think the competition will probably take him by surprise, and that’s from foreign managers I have spoken to over the years.

“I’ve worked closely with foreign players who have come in and that real physical competitive nature will be different from anywhere else he’s worked before.”