PICTURE: Manchester United now play at Old Traddord?

Fantastic atmosphere inside FedEx Field in Washington, DC, where the Mexican wave was circling the stadium for a good three minutes, also came with some good for laughs bloopers. Not only did the PA announcer mistaken Antonio Valencia for Darren Fletcher, but this gem photo was posted on the stadiums massive jumbotron. “Home Stadium: Old Traddord”. Apparently, it was too difficult for the videoboard producer to add a few “F’s”.

Before you get angry thinking this is a black-eye for the sport in the United States, don’t fret, apparently, according to the Washington Post, such bloopers are not uncommon in Washington DC.

Jokes aside, major props to Washington DC for putting on a grand show. The stadium was filled with more then 55k on a Tuesday evening, the crowd was rocking and electric. Can’t ask for much more then that for pre-season football. As for the video board guy, he should probably double check what he puts on the jumbotron in the future.