Why Manchester United are the best in the world?

Manchester United, formerly Newton Heath LYR FC is without a doubt the greatest team in the world. Since it’s start as a small worker’s club, the players have played their hearts out, and the fans have been loyal their whole lives, and since it opened in 1910, Old Trafford has been the Holy Land to the supporters, who travel to Manchester from all over the world just to come to one of the most historic football grounds in England and the world.

Each generation of United fans have seen history made at the club, from it’s early years as a young club that fought hard to stay in the first division, to today, where Louis Van Gaal is our manager, and we prepare for a new season that will hopefully bring the premiership title back to Old Trafford.

Our club’s most crucial moment in history was that dreadful day back in 1958 when the Busby Babe’s flight from Munich back home crashed on takeoff and United lost a huge amount of what most likely was our strongest squad in history. The young and famous Duncan Edwards, and Eddie Colman, another young player who had a bright future in football. These are only two of the eight young, talented, and strong-hearted players that we lost on that day.

However through this difficult time the fans stuck by the club, and United were able to bounce back from the huge disaster with the help of survivors of the crash Bobby Charlton (Now Sir Bobby Charlton) and Matt Busby (Also now Sir Matt Busby) as well as Busby’s assistant Jimmy Murphy, who took charge while Busby was in hospital, and took on a task that neither Sir Alex Ferguson or Louis Van Gaal would even come close to. Murphy had to bring in local talent and loan players from other clubs to be ready for matches only a few days after the accident. The club fell to ninth in the English division, but reached the semi-final of the FA cup and also won their semi-final match in the European league. United had to fight their way back to the top, and they did.

United then had a quiet time between 1969 and 1986, where United had a revolving door of managers and few trophies to show for, until in 1986 a certain someone took charge at United, a Scottish manager who managed Aberdeen FC and also the Scottish national team before coming to United. Alex Ferguson took over at United and not many people knew how much of an impact he would have at Old Trafford. It took a few years for him to gain his footing but he won the FA Cup in 1990 and then started his reign of dominance of English and European football, and brought Manchester United back to it’s top spot it was in with Sir Matt Busby in charge. Ferguson also managed to win an almost impossible treble in 1999, which marked one of his top moments with United, as well as the 2008-2009 season where he won the UCL and BPL but no FA Cup. Ferguson announced his retirement in early May 2013, which is one of those breaking news stories where we all remember where we heard the news. We also remember where we went after the news. Straight to the pub. Fergie’s retirement marked the end of an era at United, but fans stayed positive.

The signing of David Moyes was announced shortly after Fergie stepped down, and a series of events took place that most United fans don’t wish to talk about anymore, with a rough season United only managed to finish 7th in the PL and lost our UCL spot. Moyes was consequently sacked and Louis Van Gaal was put in place.

That brings us to the present day. With Van Gaal in charge and a strong looking United squad United fans are hopeful to return back to glory, and bring the trophies back to Old Trafford. There are four things all other football clubs should know about us. We’re back, we’re the most loyal fans in the world, we have our strong squad back, oh, and we HATE the colour blue.