Overrated & Underrated at Manchester United

Welcome to the over/under for the month of July 2014. This is a new article where we will discuss some of the most overrated players of the past few weeks and also the most underrated players who should be getting more praise. This month’s over/under on the football world is:

Ashley Young – Underrated: This might be a shock to most United supporters, I had to give it serious thought to. But Young is a very talented player. NOW, this doesn’t mean he deserves a place at United. All I’m saying as United should be using him to pick up a little more cash and promote him a little more to have him sold. He would be able to show his talent at a different club, and would also give United profit, it seems him staying at United is a waste of his time. West Ham would be a good fit, as they will begin to need players soon with their Aging squad and also the addition Enner Valencia, a striker sold from Pachuca to West Ham this summer. Young would fit well in that squad and should be considered by Sam Allardyce .

Rafael – Underrated: Another one for thought isn’t it? It’s that BPL attitude towards players, that they should instantly perform well. It seems the spirit of trusting a player to grow in the long run has faded, which is why it needs to be re-stated that he is only 24 years old and is yet to peak. If Rafael is given the chance on the first XI this year I strongly believe he’ll begin to prove himself.

Patrice Evra – Overrated: For a 33 year old defender Patrice Evra seems to be getting quite a bit of attention and that only seems to be because he has been a United player for so long and he has become a football celebrity through that. His recent transfer rumours sound like a young prospect like Luke Shaw. United supporters are divided on keeping him or selling him, and while he was a quality player who gave United his best years, it’s time to move on and give the younger lads a shot, thus announced yesterday his move to Juventus.