Transfer Hysteria: Arturo Vidal to Manchester United

United fans are pulling their hair out over the potential transfer of Arturo Vidal. A transfer that would be by far United’s highest profile signing from outside the Premier league, ever. It has been quite a roller coaster ride so far and the latest news is that the club are unwilling to pay Juventus £34 million asking price. For me, this is rather hard to believe.

On the week that United have announced their new kit deal with Adidas that is worth £750 million over a ten year period, it is extremely unlikely that they would also ‘brief’ certain members of the press that they would baulk at a £34 million price for one of the worlds best midfielders. It is widely regarded that Van Gaal has been a huge fan of Vidal since his Leverkusen days and now that the chance to get his man has appeared, surely he will go through with the deal. Speaking on Chilean television Vidal himself has alluded to United being an option. If they are then perhaps both United and Juventus are playing hard ball over a price but if push comes to shove I am confident the United hierarchy will sanction the transfer.

The stalling of Patrice Evra’s move to Turin could represent a glimmer of hope or fans hopelessly clutching at straws. The delay is rather interesting and for me could be due to ongoing Vidal talks. With Van Gaal set to be officially unveiled on Thursday it would be a clever move to coincide it with the announcement of another big transfer. Whilst two fantastic players have already arrived the ‘marquee’ name that Woodward craves has yet to come and Vidal would fit the bill.

Adding another midfielder to the squad is vitally important for United and whilst Vidal is the best option fans must not panic if he does not arrive. The failure of Thiago and Fabregas deals last summer sent United supporters into a frenzy which cast a shadow over the season from the off. Avoiding this is crucial to Van Gaal having the full backing that Moyes never had.

What we can be sure of is that the press know very little about any deal to bring the Chilean to Manchester. From Peter Spencer claiming the deal was imminent to the Mail suggesting it was off the transfer will take a number of twists and turns before any real movement occurs. The hysteria of the market increases every season due to the unsavoury mix of twitter and transfers but for now supporters must relax and trust Van Gaal to deliver.