Is Holger Badstuber an option for Manchester United?

25 year old Holger Badstuber has been playing at Bayern Munich since the 2009-10 season and has been a quality player ever since. He hasn’t been the star of Bayern with the likes of the many other stars on that club like Toni Kroos or Robert Lewandowski, but he has been getting the job done. Some people believe Bayern isn’t taking full advantage of Badstuber, and believe he is a legend just looking for somewhere to shine.

Badstuber took a huge injury leave beginning in December 2012, returning in May 2013 only to be re-injured and forced back out until May of this year, when he returned back to training. Badstuber did not make any appearances in the 2013-2014 season, but is hopeful to appear this upcoming season. He had a strong showing before his injury leave, and Bayern supporters are definitely excited to see him make an appearance again.

Badstuber primarily plays Centre-Back but also has the ability to play Left-Back, which leaves him a good candidate for joining Luke Shaw in the United defense. Bringing Badstuber to Left-Centre and Shaw in Left would give United a strong defense at least on the left, or Badstuber could go to Right-Centre for a little more balance. Either way United would definitely be strengthened by bringing in Badstuber. Especially now that Patrice Evra is looking more and more likely to leave United for Juventus, Badstuber would be a great safety net for our defense.

Louis Van Gaal is well aware of Badstuber, who considered him one of Germany’s top left-footed defenders, and it’s possible Van Gaal will be watching Badstuber this season after coming off the long injury. If Badstuber performs well, we might just see him in Manchester.