Wayne Rooney is the rightful heir to be Manchester United Captain

 Nemanja Vidic left Manchester United in search of a new venture this season and his departure has not only opened up the spots in central defense but also the captaincy role has opened up. And who more than Wayne Rooney is correct for this job.

People may claim him to be many things but among them one thing is for sure…. He is truly a born captain. Players have something in them that if they get what they have desired for they play loads better. And Wayne Rooney always wanted the captaincy position and was destined to become captain under David Moyes until he was sacked last season. The arrival of Van Gaal has thrown this whole perspective upside down. Will he give the captain’s armband to his favorite son, Robin Van Persie? But trust me when I say this… Wayne Rooney deserves to be the captain of Manchester United Football Club.

 The 18 million pound signing as a teenager who went on to become one of the world’s finest and Manchester’s ‘Golden Boy’ , our Wayne Rooney is just one of a kind and should be first choice for captaincy if not the only choice. Experience, leadership, never say die attitude are all the attributes a person must posses in order to become captain. Wayne Rooney has got it all. You can think of any quality a leader should have and you will find that in Rooney. He has been with the club for almost 10 years and well you can look around the club to find players who can come close to that and you will land on names like Evra, Carrick, Fletcher . But not one name in that list can be compared to Wayne Rooney.

 If Louis Van Gaal decides to go with Van Persie, then that would signal his first mistake in his managerial career with Man Utd. You have a player who has been a superstar for Man Utd for almost ten years in Wayne Rooney and if you overlook him for Van Persie who has just been with the club for two years to lead such a prestigious club, it is not the right thing to do. Rooney is destined to be club captain and I am sure he will be.