Is there really a need for mass signings at Manchester United this summer?

For many Manchester United fans last season represented unchartered waters. Mid table mediocrity, poor football and a constant sense that things were not going to improve created an anxious and exasperated fan base. Removing Moyes was the right option but cries for a complete squad overhaul and buying an entire new team are too reactionary as they are based on a season were many good players regressed under an unfit manager.

Dwight Yorke has today echoed these voices by forwarding that United need up to seven new players this window, on top of the two players they have already taken in. Such hysterical comments will always be met with by support from fans hurting from the calamity of last season but it shows a remarkable lack of faith in a team full of premier league winners.

Yes, United need signings and yes, dead wood needs to be moved on however going to the extents that Yorke and others are suggesting would destabilise a team that already possesses a strong spine. The club must develop the team over a series of transfer windows other than throwing one together and expecting results.

The clubs future could well be in the hands of Ryan Giggs and he gave us a glimpse of this by blooding young talent in Wilson and Lawrence to great success. Van Gaal also puts a lot of emphasis in his clubs youth systems demonstrated by him bringing Kroos through at Bayern and Iniesta through at Barcelona. Both the club and the manager have a long history with young talent thus promoting youth is vital to United avoiding ‘another Pogba’ and creating another premier league winning side.

There should be no need to panic. Sales and signings must not be viewed as United’s sole saviour but rather mixing this with keeping (and improving) some of the old guard and bringing through academy graduates. Evolution rather than revolution is the best path for Manchester United to take.