Why Ander Herrera will be a success at Manchester United?

 Manchester united and all those surrounding the club are over-joyed after the stunning deal that took Ander Herrera from Basque to Manchester. At just under £30million, this deal might signal the gamble that Ed Woodward was ready to take given Herrera’s lack of big match experience. But he will be a success at Manchester United without doubt given his record in the La Liga.

The Premier League is solely based on the physical strength the player possesses and referees allow more agreesive. On the other hand we have the La Liga where style and trickery are more encouraged, the referees do give protection to those players very much and coming from that league Herrera boasts a average of 15 tackles a game and more often than not, his tackles have been spot on because he has only managed 8 yellow cards through-out the entire season.

In the premier league he will be given all the more freedom to take on any player who he intends to. His most prolific performance came on against FC Barcelona where he helped Athletic Bilbao to deny any attack from Barcelona and helped Athletic Bilbao clinch victory.

Speaking about his attacking skills, Herrera managed to create 53 chances through-out the entire campaign which accounts to 1.6 per game, quite good knowing that you can surely expect something from your £30million man every game. We can talk about his style all day but together he is an impressive lad who has good temperament and will be good influence on the squad given he is cheerful and always manages a smile on his face.

         To convince you guys even more further, here are some stats for you.

Ander Herrera’s stats :

Offence :

Games 33

Chances Created 53

Assists 5

Shots 50

On Target 38%

Goals 5

Chance Conversion 10%

Defense :

Successful Tackles 88 (2.4 Per Game)

Yellow Cards 7

Red Cards 0

Duels Won 65%

If you look closely at these stats, he makes so many tackles per game but just have a look at the number of red cards he has got. NONE. For a player who tackles so much every game that too in the La Liga, you can expect him to be red carded at least once. All this will work for him and he will surely be a huge success at Manchester United, starting from next season under Louis van Gaal.