Manchester United defender Keane to impress Louis van Gaal

Manchester United under-21 defender Michael Keane is hoping that he can be apart of Louis van Gaal’s plans for the pre-season and looking ahead into the new Premier League season, too.

Michael Keane, who from many of the United faithful, have tipped to make it through the ranks at Old Trafford, was a regular in England’s under-21s squad last season and more than impressed at the back, also popping up with the odd goal through-out the season as a main threat from various set-pieces.

21-year-old Keane has been on 3 loan moves in the past two-seasons with Manchester United, being loaned out to Leicester City, Derby Courty and Blackburn Rovers. The England centre-back earned himself a place on the substitutes bench in the last game of Manchester United’s season at Old Trafford, against Hull City.

But now, Michael Keane is more than happy to try and impress new United manager Louis van Gaal, knowing about his passion on bringing youth through from his previous clubs that he has managed.

In an interview with the FA, Keane said:

“I’ve heard the new manager likes to bring young players through and that’s always been the way at United

“Obviously with Giggsy staying on as his assistant that can only benefit the young players and hopefully we can get a good pre-season and a chance to prove ourselves.”

“When I was young I always had Rio Ferdinand on my back or t-shirts with Rio Ferdinand on,

“Obviously when he first joined United he was my idol then and he still is. Luckily I managed to train with him for a few years. He’s had a big influence on me.

“He spoke to everyone and always gives you advice. If you make a mistake in a game, he’ll ring you and say what you should do better.

“He’ll text you or next time he sees you, he’ll give you a bit of feedback and I now see him as a friend so I know I can go to him anytime I want advice.

“And Giggs is an idol for every player that comes really, you see how professional he is.

“His enthusiasm for training every day, no matter that he’s been here for 20-25 years at the top level, means he comes in every day wanting to give his best.

“He’s always doing extra, whether that be yoga or passing and finishing. He’s just someone you can always go to for advice as well.”

Ryan Giggs has now retired from playing at Manchester United, moving up to assistant manager, and Keane reveals that he may have taken a step back the past few seasons in anticipation of his promotion and managerial future at the club.

Keane added:

“Over the last couple of years I think he’s, not kept a distance from the players, but maybe not been as involved as he was when he was younger because he could see himself going into that managerial role,” revealed Keane.

“And I think he adapted really well in those last few games of last season. He looked the part and all the players were playing for him, which is the main thing really – they all wanted him to do well and everyone wanted to do their best for him.

“It’s great to still have him around but obviously sad that he won’t be playing anymore.

“He gave an inspirational team talk [at half-time against Hull]. I was a bit taken back by how good it was. It was a really good talk so you can tell he’s got it in him to be a world class manager.”

It would be great to see Michael Keane go out on tour with Manchester United, they will start their tour against LA Galaxy on 23rd July 2014 over in the States.