Shaw and Herrera signings show Manchester United ready to take risks again

What a couple of days it’s been for Manchester United and its fans. After the shambles of last summer and the remarkably underwhelming signing of Marouane Fellaini, this summer has already seen us sign two extremely talented players with vast amounts of potential, as well as getting rid of the never good enough Alexander Buttner.

Whereas last summer saw David Moyes and Ed Woodward stumble their way through transfer hurdles, the appointment of Louis van Gaal in May appears to have been the catalyst for the resumption of normal business at Old Trafford. Moyes’ term was defined by hesitance and over-thinking, inevitably ending up with poor decisions being made. Admittedly, he did sign Juan Mata but the way he used him suggests he really wasn’t a Moyes type of player, and was only signed to appease fans. Under him, United seemed a club paralysed by indecision, both on and off the pitch. He didn’t know his best team or system, nor did he know which players to try to buy to suit it. That ended up with the club and team playing it safe and falling well short of the mark. This was the case on the pitch and in the transfer market. Moyes was too tentative to really go all-out for targets and in the end reverted for the easy option; a former player of his at Everton – Marouane Fellaini. We all know how that’s worked out.

Traditionally United are the sort of club who go for it. They go for games, they go for trophies, they go for top players. Play it safe and you’re guaranteed to fail; risk things and you may fail but at least you’ve tried as hard as possible. By spending large sums on two young and developing players United are taking a risk. It may not work out but under the tutelage of van Gaal and given the incredible enthusiasm shown by both players upon their arrivals at the club (both announced it in a rather classy, understated way by changing their Twitter bios) things look extremely promising.

Shaw has been outstanding since Southampton returned to the Premier League in 2011 and at the age of eighteen he offers the realistic possibility of at least ten years of top quality at left-back. Add to that the fact that Patrice Evra will remain at the club for at least another year means that Shaw has the best possible chance to succeed at Manchester United.

In Ander Herrera United have signed a player who is perfect for the club and on top of that, was absolutely desperate to join. He was apparently left devastated last summer by the fact that the move broke down and it shows his desire to join that he was willing to forego Champions League football with Bilbao in the coming season to play football at Old Trafford.

The two players we’ve signed in the last two days are exactly the sort of players we should be signing. Both are technically gifted, both are extremely talented and both are also brimming with potential. Their signings show that United have shaken off the temporary blanket of indecision and hesitance that Moyes brought to the club and have returned to the United way. With these two signed, and much more time left in the transfer window, things look extremely promising for United.

Whether we succeed in the coming season or not is up for debate, (I personally think it will be an extremely fruitful season) but either way, the club has given itself the best chance of success by following its blueprint and going for it. Win or lose, we can’t really ask for more.

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