The BBC receive hundreds of complaints about United’s Phil Neville

The BBC have received hundreds of complaints over the past few days regarding Manchester United’s Phil Neville’s slightly monotone and lacklustre style to his new role as commentator for this summers World Cup over in Brazil.

Phil Neville had his BBC debut for the much anticipated England match against Italy on Friday night, but since has been blasted on social media and now with actual viewers turning their complaints direct to the BBC themselves.

A BBC spokesman on Monday stated that up to that date they had recieved 445 complaints after his commentary, which is a small percentage in comparison to the 15.6million viewers that the game received in the United Kingdom.

Phil Neville took to social media platform Twitter after the game, saying:

‘1st live co-comm last night – sometimes u have to take the criticism – it will only make me better- thanks for the feedback (ahhahaha)!’

At the end of Monday nights coverage of the World Cup from the BBC, Phil Neville joked along with Rio Ferdinand regarding social media, how he enjoyed the platform until about 24-hours ago.

He is nowhere near the standard of his brother Gary, and may never be, but a bit of enthusiasm wouldn’t go a miss during the game, hey Phil.