GIF: Adnan Januzaj scores absolute beauty in Belgium training

Seems like Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj hasn’t taken long to settle in with the Belgian World Cup squad. We were all mesmerised by his skills at various points through-out last season, it seemed like a good fit when he chose to represent Belgium over Albania, Kosovo (not yet recognised by FIFA) and a plethora of others including England.

With so many skilful, top-class players currently representing Belgium, Januzaj will by no means be out of place. He confirmed that yesterday with this absolute belter of a strike in training against Atletico Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois. In fact, they could have thrown Simon Mignolet in there next to Courtois and it still wouldn’t have been stopped.

adnan januzaj

If he keeps this up Adnan Januzaj may see more World Cup game time than was previously expected. We will be following at United players through-out the World Cup in Brazil.