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About Manchester United Blog, United Ramble.

Who is United Ramble?
United RambleThe Manchester United blog and website of United Ramble was founded and launched on the internet back in February 2014 by owner and editor Rodger Ramble, a home and away (when the ballots allow) match going Red living in the heart of Salford, Manchester. The thought behind the website is to create a base for thought, discussion and views on the biggest football club to grace the English league, launching at a time where transition was very much the word as we watched David Moyes try to stamp his authority and continue the success that this club has only known over the past 26 years under Sir Alex Ferguson. That went well.

Rodger himself is a massive fan of all the Manchester United Fanzines that are sold around Old Trafford on a match day, with inspirational ideas for the website taken from UWS, Red Issue & Red News to bring the fans views to a computer, laptop or tablet by creating an online portal of content that is attractive, eloquent & easy to access from anywhere in the world.

Now, the United Ramble is creating a regular team of featured writers through-out the website to cover every aspect of Manchester United, whether that be on the latest ins and outs with transfers, reporting on the latest goings on from inside Old Trafford or a match report from a cold and wet Monday night down at the AJ Bell Stadium for the under-21s, we aim to have it all covered.

To get in contact with Rodger, or anyone of the United Ramble team then feel free to contact us direct through here.

Want to write for United Ramble?

Are you a aspiring journalist or just have a passion about writing and Manchester United? Well the United Ramble website are open to talented new contributors.

Manchester United blog and website United Ramble is a young and upcoming community base of intellectual United fans. The United Ramble website deal with what really happens at the club, both on and off the pitch, going beyond the carefully worded public relations pieces that the Manchester United official site and mainstream media release to the general public.

If you feel that you have the knowledge, talent and drive, and would like to share your views as a Manchester United fan then you’re exactly the kind of football writers we need on United Ramble:

Reasons to write for United Ramble

  • NewsNow – United Ramble have been apart of the NewsNow network since March 2014. All our articles are syndicated to the massive NewsNow audience.
  • Starting Point – We feel that the United Ramble website is what you make of it. You can really help turn this site into one of the largest and most respected Manchester United websites on the internet.
  • Making a name for yourself – As the United Ramble website grows over time, so will your name in the football writing community. It’s incredibly hard to get a journalist job at a mainstream media outlet, let alone as a football writer. Writing here is a good stepping stone to bigger opportunities. As many journalists that you see in newspapers and media nowadays, all started out by football blogging.

The importance of objectivity

We get that you’re probably a Manchester United supporter by reading this section and therefore there will always be a hint of bias in your writings, but we feel that the website needs to maintain some objectivity in all our writings. Balancing your love for Manchester United with reasoned analysis will probably be the most difficult part of your writing, and we’re realistic in our expectations that it won’t always be easy to hide your allegiances, but we need our contributors to look at both sides of the coin if and when possible.

What should you write about?

There are loads of subjects that can be covered on the United Ramble website. We have opportunities in daily Manchester United news, match articles and highly anticipated deep view articles. Whatever stirs your passion and you feel deserves to be written about.

How to start writing

  1. Send an email to info@unitedramble.com with your name, email address, twitter handle and any previous articles that you feel express your writings. Unfortunately we do not accept applications without articles.
  2. We will review your application and if accepted will create a ‘contributor’ account for you so you can publish directly from the WordPress admin area (although each article will still need to be reviewed before publishing). If you submitted a new article with your application and it was of a good enough quality we’ll publish it straight away should you wish us to do so.

This is your chance to be a part of something special, we look forward to getting you involved on the United Ramble website.

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