Explore the real essence of football with Manchester United

Manchester United is a highly professional football club, and it is based in Old Trafford, England. This club is very much popular across the world for its high-level performances and top class footballers. But there are various ups and downs you can see in the history of this club and almost every day you can explore new news about the club.

In this time the performance level of this club is not that much good, many times it is recognised that due to various reasons the team is not able to give its optimum performance. But the higher authorities of this club are assuring their worldwide fans that they will definitely try their best to get back on top of their game. Their fans can do nothing but bet on them on some betting online site, alternatively, especially in the team’s downs, they could spend their times on some of the pokies which are reviewed in detail on this online casino portal.

Assurance of Vice-captain:

The vice-captain of Manchester United, Michael Carrick has assured their fans that they will comeback with high energy and power. He told that they all are very much disappointed with the performance of the team, and they are taking all necessary steps to beat new challenges.

In this conversation, he has added that their team has done several mistakes one after another, and they are working hard to correct those mistakes in the near future.

The idea of bringing Thomas Muller is almost in end state:

The chief executive of Bayern Munich Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says he strictly told Manchester United to stop their regular communications about the player Thomas Muller, and he also added that they are leading a football club, not a bank so, selling Thomas Muller is not at all considerable.

Muller is a very good player, and he is the key player of Rummenigge and Pep Guardiola. And in a press conference he has declared that he is not for sale at any price. So, this is a bad news for the United team but they should not stop their initiatives to make their team stronger and efficient.

United manager Louis van Gaal is shocked by the performance of his team:

Louis van Gaal is very much disappointed by the performance of the team at the Emirates on this Sunday. He says that this is the worst performance of this team during his 15 months spell in this famous club.

In this match, Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal overtook Manchester United by 3-0 victory. So, the club atmosphere is full of disappointment at the moment.

Let’s see some latest transfers of Manchester United:

Completed transfer-ins in summer 2015:








Completed outs in summer 2015: