£110m Accepted, Paul Pogba Medical & Announce Imminent

Manchester United have had a bid of £110m accepted by Juventus for the services of Paul Pogba, according to Duncan Castles writing for the Daily Report.

Castles reports that the deal is made up of a bid of £83.8m for the player himself, and a £21.1m payment to Pogba’s agent Mono Raiola. It’s been well documented that Raiola inserted a clause in the Frenchman’s contract when he signed for Juventus that he would be due a large chunk of any transfer fee if and when the player eventually left the Bianconeri, which has seemingly held the deal up as neither United or Juventus were initially unwilling to pay the gigantic fee. Whilst there is no word on who has eventually paid the fee, or whether it was split, the fact that Raiola’s fee no longer appears to be an issue or an obstacle in the deal’s way will be a relief to many United fans.

Adidas are also said to have enjoyed the protracted nature of the biggest transfer saga of this summer, given that they not only sponsor Pogba but manufacture United’s shirts, meaning that any deal would be particularly lucrative for the German company.

Pogba has enjoyed an extended break in America this summer having starred for France during their Euro 2016 campaign, and has taken in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas where he met up with former Manchester United teammate Patrice Evra and New York. Reports are rife about when he is expected to fly to Manchester to complete his medical, but James Ducker in The Telegraph reports that United would actually seek to break with their current traditions and announce the deal before completing any medical procedures and their favoured presentations at Carrington, presumably in an effort to announce the deal quicker.

Either way, it does appear that these are the final days of this most dramatic and protracted transfer saga. Pogba’s move will likely be met with much scepticism by many in England who will question if he is worth such an exorbitant price tag, but the Frenchman himself will likely be unconcerned. His previous time at United, from 2009 to 2012 will set him up well for live in the North West, and many familiar faces in the staff and playing squad will likely be happy to see his return to the club once it’s confirmed over the next few days. One thing’s for sure; these are very exciting times for Manchester United.