Mourinho Plans Surprise €70m Bid For Chelsea & Arsenal Target – Reports

It might seem strange to hear rumours of bids for a player who has only just made a move to another club, but in the case of Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata, that’s exactly what we have.

Admittedly, there were murmurs of Los Blancos potentially selling Morata back to at least three Premier League clubs including ( Chelsea and Arsenal ) earlier this summer and selling him for a profit having exercised their buy-back option on the forward and brought him back from Juventus earlier this summer. However, Spanish outlet El Confidencial have gone all in on their latest story on the Real forward, suggesting that Manchester United are interested in his services with a quoted price of €70m, €40m than they bought him back for this summer.

As rumours go, this feels far-fetched at best. Morata had indeed been linked with United earlier this summer prior to the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and it doesn’t seem outlandish to suggest that Arsenal, Chelsea and United were seriously interested in his services earlier this summer. At this stage, however, with the Premier League season so close and United’s squad mostly finalised, it’s a stretch to imagine Mourinho being interested, let alone for that price.

El Confidencial do state that Morata is concerned about playing time now that he’s made his return to the Spanish capital, which is fair; in a side that features Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, who wouldn’t? But United do not have a pressing need to splash a mountain of cash on a striker at this stage. Ibrahimovic has proven quality in several top leagues across the continent, and Marcus Rashford continues to show great promise despite his young age.

One of the key aspects of Ibrahimovic’s move to United was an assurance on playing time, which, despite being 34 years old and past the peak of his career, would be an easy assurance to offer given his proven calibre. Adding another striker into the mix would surely blunt Rashford’s chances of making an impact this coming season, something that Mourinho would be hesitant to do for several reasons. Firstly, his talent warrants a place in the first team squad, and secondly, the Portuguese would be exceptionally hesitant to stunt the development of a United academy product of great potential, given how important the notion of youth development and trusting in young players is to United as a club and an institution. As such, it’s difficult to view any potential bid from United for Morata’s services with great scepticism.