Gray: The Manchester United Board Do Not Want Jose At Old Trafford

Former Sky Sports commentator Andy Gray has spoken out in regards to Jose Mourinho coming to Manchester United as their new manager, but thinks that it is the board behind the scenes of the club that do not want Jose anywhere near Old Trafford.

It has been the talk of the footballing world, that Louis van Gaal would walk or be sacked by the club, and Jose Mourinho would be favourite to walk into the job. But that might not be the case as of now, with the board sticking with the Dutchman as we go into 2016.

Speaking to radio station talkSPORT, Andy Gray said:

“I don’t get the impression coming from the inner sanctum at Old Trafford that they are looking to get rid of Louis van Gaal unless they really, really have to do because of pressure from the fans.

“And I get the impression they don’t want Mourinho.

“Jose Mourinho has been available for two weeks and, after that awful performance at the Britannia, if they really wanted Jose Mourinho that was the perfect opportunity for Manchester United to go ahead and get him.”

You can listen to this section of radio, here.