United defender reveals tough Louis van Gaal training regime

A lot has been made of Louis van Gaal’s training regime since he joined the 13-time Premier League Champions in 2014.

His first season saw the squad scattered with injuries, at times having nine players in the hands of the medical staff.

Many reports put this down to a strict training regime put in place by the manager, and some player’s comments of it being too much have, in the past, risen to the surface.

It was also well reported that van Gaal requested floodlights be fitted at the Aon Training Complex to host evening training sessions for his squad too.

But recently Chris Smalling has told the Manchester Evening News that the Dutchman is very keen on repitition, and that is has helped the England centre-back improve as a player.

“We work hard and tirelessly on the training ground with our tactics, we do 11 versus 11s a lot so we know our positions and our roles down to a tee.

“The repetition has really improved my game and a lot of the other players as well.”

Louis van Gaal has also been eager to tell the fans and the media that his philosophy will take time, and it is now that we can see his hard work and repetitive drills beginning to pay dividends.

“The manager said when he came in that once you’ve been with him for six months and got used to the repetition of drills, the tactics and you know your role that we will get better.

“There has obviously been a lot of ins and outs and, as a group, we’ve stayed very close-knit.”

With Manchester City slipping up against West Ham this weekend, United have the chance to go within two points of their local rivals with other potential title-challengers floundering further down the table.