Hector Moreno visits Luke Shaw in hospital over in Eindhoven

It has been a tough three-days for Luke Shaw over in Eindhoven, after suffering a double broken right leg in the first half against PSV on Tuesday, thanks to a two-footed rash challenge from PSV’s Hector Moreno.

There have been many Manchester United fans that have directed the blame towards Hector Moreno, made even worse, when Moreno scored the equaliser and was handed the man-of-the-match award from UEFA. But, on Thursday afternoon, Moreno, along with PSV Eindhoven manager Cocu made time to visit Luke Shaw in hospital where he is still situated. Moreno had given some gifts to Luke Shaw and to apologise for the nature of his challenge.

As reported by the Sun:

“Moreno and Cocu handed Shaw some gifts and said how sorry they were over what happened. Luke really appreciated their visit and the goodwill messages.”