James Wilson not quite ready for senior team

James Wilson has a bright future with Manchester United and his time will soon come. But, that time is not right now.

Wilson has been a stud for Manchester United youth teams, usually leading the divisions in goals scored. In the U18, Wilson scored 14 in 18 matches. He also made his debut for the senior squad in May 2014 against Hull City and scored two goals.

In the first off-season under Louis Van Gaal in the summer of 2014, Wilson had his moments, both high and low, but showed he has immanence potential. Van Gaal suggested to Wilson to change his kit number, from #47 to #49 because Van Gaal felt as a striker, he needed to have a “9” in the number.

Not having much depth at striker, and with big signing Falcao struggling, Van Gaal gave Wilson a fair chance to impressive. The young striker did not run with the opportunity. He appeared in 17 matches in total, and scored just two goals. Thirteen of those were league appearances where he scored only once.

Now, in his second training camp with Van Gaal in charge, Wilson has appeared in all three matches for United, playing roughly 115 minutes so far in the pre-season and has been far from impressive. Wilson had several opportunities to make a play but fell short because he either played it wrongly or miscalculated the situation. This comes on the eve of the win against San Jose mid-week where even Van Gaal even said he was disappointed with how the second half played out. Wilson played the entire second half.

Wilson represented England this past summer at the U20 World Cup in New Zealand. Now that Van Gaal and Manchester United have a much greater idea of how along Wilson is in his development, now is the right time to loan him out. Sent him away on a season-long loan and let him get what is needed most: Stress-free football. Learning on the run, and practicing with world class players has it’s benefits, but Wilson is on overload with learning the game from afar.

For the better of his career, Wilson should be send away and start and gain some on-field experience. Manchester United is light at forward, but that is not Wilson’s problem. By next training camp, he’ll be still just 20 years old and then will be ready for a much greater role with Manchester United as he will begin to make his mark as the next great of the club.